Gold Braces

Forever Gold Braces Charlottesvile, VA

Go for the Gold

We have another option for personalizing conventional metal braces. Make your smile unique with gold colored brackets to create some individuality and have some fun. Some patients like the color of gold for their braces because they feel it has a warmer look than stainless steel, and thus helps the braces to blend in better with their smile.

Are they real gold?

Gold braces are only golden in appearance. They get their color from a coating that has been applied to their surface.

The brackets themselves are made out of a similar base metal to traditional braces. It has good physical properties for orthodontic work. Gold, especially 24K, is too soft for this purpose.

Ask Hamer Orthodontics about gold archwires to complete the look.

Is Gold Better?

Gold braces offer the same quality of treatment that its stainless steel counterparts provide. Generally, metal braces gold or silver offer quicker treatment time and more durability than clear. But for the patients who believe aesthetics are everything – nothing says style like bling in your smile!

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