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Hamer & Glassick Orthodontics is proud to offer the WildSmiles Braces option to our trendsetter patients. These brackets are customizable to your unique personality and offer the same capabilities as traditional square metal brackets. If you think you might like to change up your smile during orthodontic treatment, please inquire about our WildSmile Braces option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do WildSmile brackets work as well as traditional brackets?

Absolutely! The only difference between traditional brackets and WildSmile brackets are the shape. They are made of the same material as traditional brackets and they are low profile offering a more comfortable feel.

Can I have more than one shape?

Of course! You are able to mix and match any shapes you want — that is exactly what makes them so Wild! You can express yourself however you want.

Can anyone get WildSmiles?

You bet! They work exactly the same as traditional braces. Just tell Dr. Hamer or Dr. Glassick you are interested in taking your smile from mild to wild and we can order whichever ones you like.

The Benefits of WildSmiles Braces

If your child is not looking forward to getting braces or is dreading the journey, WildSmiles braces options offer a contemporary, trendsetting look that may get your little one excited about their orthodontic treatment. With many shapes to choose from, WildSmiles helps to include the child in part of the decision making and give them the confidence to show off their Wild smile! The low-profile brackets will help your child achieve a healthy, aligned smile while feeling confident and having fun.

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