Hamer & Glassick Orthodontics Introduces the 9-3 Club

9-3 club orthodontist Charlottesville VAHamer & Glassick Orthodontics introduces the 9-3 Club! The 9-3 Club is an exciting new way to save a little money during your orthodontic treatment. All you have to do is schedule all of your appointments between 9am and 3pm and you can save up to $300 on your total orthodontic treatment costs. This great opportunity is available at either of our two locations and is open to current and new patients. 

We never want our patients to miss appointments or to forgo treatment because of finances.  At Hamer & Glassick, we believe that our patients are a priority and their oral health is important to their well being. 

If you have any questions about the 9-3 Club, please give us a call at 434.296.0188 to learn more.