Let’s Go On A Journey; Ashley’s Orthodontic Journey

Orthodontic JourneyHamer Orthodontics is excited to share with you an up close and personal insight to the orthodontic journey. Ashley, a 26-year-old Charlottesville native, has graciously agreed to allow us to follow her orthodontic treatment as she prepares for the day she has dreamed of – her wedding day in January 2017.

Currently, Ashley has a gap between her two front teeth as well as a chip. This has always been something that Ashley has felt self-conscious about. When she met Doctor Hamer, he assured her that he could make her smile, “wedding day ready”! Ashley is looking forward to walking away from this experience feeling more confident, happy and beautiful; not just on her wedding day but for life!

The catch? Ashley’s wedding is in 3 months!

Hamer Orthodontics will be working hard with Ashley to bring great results in just 3 months. We have decided to document Ashley’s journey through our blog, Facebook, and Instagram with pictures, videos, and updates!

We would love for you to join us on Ashley’s Orthodontic Journey through our social media accounts. You can find pictures and videos with the hashtag #AshleysOrthoJourney. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram today!

We can’t wait to share Ashley’s journey and results with you!