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Read what our patients are saying about their experience at Hamer Orthodontics.

“Not even a full year into ortho treatment but I can say I’m already seeing results and the staff is so, so nice. They make you feel welcome and Jamie is so nice and sweet I felt bad when I accidentally scared her every time I had a reflex to getting my braces on. Parents who are considering Dr. Hamer for their children I can tell you this: here they try to make it as affordable as possible for each patient to have braces. These folks know what they’re doing and I can’t imagine going anywhere else!”
“We took our daughter to Dr. Hamer for a second opinion. The first orthodontist we saw wanted to extract four precious teeth! Dr. Hamer did not believe that was necessary. Nine months later, our daughter has a beautiful, straight, full smile! So glad we took the time for a second opinion to avoid unnecessary and painful extractions. Our experience at Hamer was very satisfying. The office was run efficiently, and we were always on time. Thank you Dr. Hamer!”
“I chose Dr. Hamer after an Invisalign consult. The friendly staff, treatment plan started right away, easy payment plan made the experience exceptional. My pain disappeared in 3 months, straight teeth look awesome and best thing I’ve done for myself – don’t put off adult orthodontic so worthwhile!”
“I loved them. They were amazing people, always made me smile. I actually kinda miss visiting them. Lol”
“David and his staff are wonderful folks. I am amazed with the Invisalign technology. My teeth keep changing and I look forward to my new smile.”
“Each staff member is welcoming and helpful. They explain the process fully and make the kids feel comfortable the entire time.”
“We couldn’t be happier with the experience we’ve had with Dr. Hamer. There is something very special about this practice. They work really hard to make sure getting braces is easy and friendly for patients and parents. Dr. Hamer and his team clearly work hard to make the whole process easy on the patient while achieving great and long-lasting results. The whole staff is an amazing team of highly experienced and caring professionals. Dr. Hamer is not just a great orthodontist, he’s also a really great guy who cares about his patients and the community. We really feel that our son’s smile is in great hands with Hamer & Hamer.”
“Why choose Hamer Orthodontics:
– Dr. Hamer and staff are very knowledgeable
– They are all very positive, and Dr. Hamer seems to love what he does!
– They get it about the fact most families have a lot going on: 2 offices, both of which were in a good location for our family, and the “hands off’ pickups/drop-offs for minor adjustments for patients attending Henley or WAHS (like my boys) — were much appreciated!”
“As an adult, I made the decision to see Dr. Hamer. I was in a position to provide this gift to myself and thankfully, Invisalign had recently improved their technology because some of the work I needed wasn’t even possible a year earlier. Dr. Hamer and his staff were able to work out a plan to get as much done as possible before my wedding and even made a point to include an “attachment free” set of trays. It really is an incredible difference! I highly recommend Dr. Hamer, his staff and Invisalign.”
“The staff is the most friendly and caring I have ever seen. They do fantastic theme weeks and contests that make it fun for the kids to come to their appointment instead of having to be dragged there. They helped to give us several financial options for payment. Strongly recommend this office to anyone.”
“The Crozet office is great! We recently moved to the area, and Dr. Hamer and staff really went out of their way to make the transition a smooth one. Our daughter only had a short time left in braces, but Dr. Hamer treated her as though she had been his patient the entire time!”
” We love the friendly staff and the great service we receive from Hamer and Hamer Orthodontics. We especially appreciate that our daughters can have their appointments in the Crozet office!”
“One of the aspects of the Hamer team that I have really appreciated is the clear and personal communication I’ve had with Dr. Hamer and the rest of the staff. I am always brought up to date after each procedure and never feel rushed. I also appreciate the patient and nurturing path that Dr. Hamer takes toward the timing of each step of the process. I feel that many unnecessary and costly procedures have been avoided by this methodical, carefully planned ‘wait and see” approach.'”
“Dr. Hamer and his whole staff are so friendly, professional and wonderful! His two offices locations are convenient, which makes those frequent checkups so much easier schedule. They always keep appointments on schedule also, in our two years with him we have never had to wait more than 5 minutes. We also love his professionally made mouth guards for sports – my sons will actually wear them! His Crozet shuttle service has saved us from having to cancel an appointment or two as well. We always feel like the staff really cares about our comfort and progress. Every time I see my children’s beautiful smiles I am reminded of how grateful I am for Dr. Hamer’s talents!”
“My kid’s smiles look fantastic and bright but more importantly, the level of sophisticated customer service that we received was impressive. They were always willing and eager to work around complicated schedules, vacations, last minute emergencies and more. One of his staff even offered and then met me in a parking lot to check a wire that was bothering my daughter before we left on a trip that evening. It was obvious that Dr. Hamer is not over eager and aggressive with his decisions either. I appreciated that he considered surgeries and teeth removals only if necessary and as a last resort. I give my highest recommendation to them and truly commend and thank each team member for doing a terrific job.”
We interviewed several local orthodontists in Charlottesville before committing to one. After the consults, I asked my children who they would prefer to use, and they both resoundingly said Dr. Hamer! After 3 rounds of braces and many, many appointments, we couldn’t be happier with our decision.


I am a mature person whom decided late in life to pursue an Orthodontist that would take my case. I had a few consultations in years prior, but wasn’t satisfied with the proposed regimens. I was lead to Dr. Hamer and Glassick by my primary dentist. I walked in the office for the first time, and was immediately impressed by being greeted in such a professional manner. I met with Dr. Hamer, and I told him I was opposed to having braces. He then explained the Invisalign process to me, and I knew then that this was the ticket for me. It was a plan I felt comfortable with, and I was shown the results of a similar case to mine that reassured me that the process would work. When the visits started, the people in the office made me feel like family. I started seeing progress right away, and that’s when I realized my dream may come true. I had always wanted to smile, but was reluctant, or held my hand over my mouth to cover my teeth. Needless to say, with the help of a team of folks treating me like family and accommodating my needs as a patient, my dream did come true…


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