Trending Now: The Permanent Retainer

permanent retainer charlottesville vaDoes the thought of a permanent retainer sound like orthodontic treatment will never end? No need to worry, permanent retainers are taking front stage in retention plans everywhere. Hamer & Glassick Orthodontics is pleased to offer patients a low profile, long-term solution.

What is a Permanent Retainer?

After you have had your braces removed, it is routine to wear a set of removable retainers (top and bottom) for a certain length of time. The retainers hold your new smile in place until the bones in your face are finished growing. Today, we offer an easy solution to retain the bottom teeth.

A thin, short wire is custom-made for the inside surface, or lingual side of the bottom teeth. It spans the six front, lower teeth (canine to canine) and is cemented in place to maintain the optimum position of the bottom teeth.

The lower teeth are the foundation of your beautiful smile! If the lower teeth stay in place, the top teeth are more likely too, as well!

Benefits of a Permanent Retainer

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a permanent retainer is that it is not visible to others. Additional benefits include:

  • Full time retention
  • Less likely to lose
  • Better long-term results for keeping teeth straight
  • Get it and forget it!

How Hamer & Glassick Orthodontics Can Help

If you are having your braces removed and would like to consider a permanent retainer, be sure to talk to Dr. Hamer to see this is a good option for you. Whichever retainer you choose, wearing it as directed by your orthodontist will give you the best results, and ensure your new smile lasts a lifetime. To learn more about permanent retainers, contact us (434) 296-0188 today.