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Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen® Benefits

You can probably see how teeth straightening can make your smile more attractive, but you might be wary of how Invisalign Teen treatment works. If… Read More

adult orthodontics Charlottesville VA

Tips for Using Invisalign®

More than one patient has come into our office and asked, “What can I do to help my teeth when wearing Invisalign?” While everyone’s teeth… Read More

Invisalign Teen Charlottesville VA

Smile with Invisalign Teen®!

Invisalign Teen® is designed with today’s youth in mind. These clear, removable orthodontic aligners can straighten your teeth without the need for metal wires and… Read More

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I got my braces. Now what?

You’ve taken the first step toward a healthier and more beautiful appearance by getting braces at Hamer and Hamer Orthodontics, and you’re probably wondering what… Read More