Touch-up Treatments For Orthodontic Relapses

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Orthodontic treatment is a big investment of your time and your finances. So when your braces are finally removed or you use your last aligner, it’s worth celebrating! It’s an amazing feeling to look in the mirror and see how all your hard work and dedication has paid off in the form of a beautiful [...]

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Phase I Treatment

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These days, we’re able to access information on just about anything we want to within minutes, thanks to the internet and mobile devices. But from time to time, that ability can be a bit of a double-edged sword! When you’re trying to research important topics like dental or orthodontic issues, it can be hard to [...]

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First Orthodontic Visit

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When you choose to pursue orthodontic care, it can be both an exciting and slightly overwhelming time. Orthodontics can change your life for the better in many ways, and that’s certainly something worth celebrating! But it’s also not unusual to feel a little bit anxious, especially if you aren’t exactly sure what to expect from [...]

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5 Reasons Teens Love Invisalign

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Invisalign Teen straightens teeth with clear, plastic aligners that are custom made to fit your teeth. Every two weeks you use a new set of aligners, moving the teeth just a bit more toward their ultimate destination. About every eight to ten weeks, you will visit Hamer & Glassick Orthodontics to make certain you are on the right [...]

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Straighten Your Teeth with Invisalign!

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Isn’t it great when life gives you options? Especially when it comes to creating a healthy, beautiful smile in a virtually invisible way. That’s one of the many reasons Hamer & Glassick Orthodontics offers Invisalign, in addition to more traditional braces, as an option for our patients of all ages. Dr. David Hamer has been [...]

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NBC29 News Features Hamer Orthodontics Mouthguard Program

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Hamer & Glassick Orthodontics had the privilege of being featured on NBC29 News by Taylor Gleason on Monday, September 26th 2016. NBC29 captured highlights from our mouthguard program that provides free athletic mouthguards twice a year in the Charlottesville and Crozet area of Virginia. We want to share the article and news report with you! Enjoy! [...]

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